Beautiful Morning on Moosehead Lake

kineo dock
Even after five summers in Rockwood, Maine, I am still struck by the sheer beauty of the Great North Woods and Moosehead Lake. On mornings like this, it is easy to see why this place is called America’s crown jewel.

rockwood community church
It’s not just the place, although the scenery is truly magnificent and changes constantly. The people that live here are a true community. Everybody knows everyone else and people wave to you as you drive down the road. As I stop in the Post Office to pick up the mail, a friendly golden retriever pokes his nose through from the opposite side of the mailbox to say hello and give me a sniff.

I head across the street to the Kineo Dock and enjoy the gorgeous view while I finish my morning coffee. Mount Kineo towers above the town of Rockwood and Moosehead Lake like a cathedral, beautiful and majestic.

mt  kineo moosehead lake
I enjoy watching the few boats come and go and listening to the sound of the waves on the shore. I feel like I could sit here all day and watch the clouds blow by, one by one.

kineo docks rockwood
After what seems like a peaceful eternity, I pick up my empty coffee cup and start heading back to camp. I stop at the local store on my way to pick up a few things and catch up on the local gossip. There is going to be live music and a celebration at the local bar and grill tonight, maybe I will go.

As I pull off the tar onto the gravel road leading to camp, I reflect on the last five summers spent on Moosehead Lake with my family. I feel grateful my wife and children have been able to spend their summers surrounded by natural beauty, far away from the stresses and worries of the big city. We are truly lucky to have found a life filled with hiking through the forest, swimming in the lake, picking blueberries, catching frogs and skipping stones here in Rockwood, Maine.


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