Waterfalls and Rainbows, St. Anne Canyon

Chutes Sainte-AnneAfter an eventful day in Quebec City, we headed East toward the mountains of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre. We all slept well at a ski lodge at the foot of the mountains. The next day, we awoke to the sun shining in our windows, a welcome sight after the clouds and rain of the previous few days. After enjoying a delicious breakfast at a local cafe, we decided to check out a park I read about on the Internet, Canyon-Sainte-Anne.

The canyon is home to a beautiful 74 meter waterfall. As you enter the park, the path guides you through a series of lookouts and bridges with spectacular views.

For the more adventurous, there is guided mountain climbing and a zip line that extends all the way across the canyon!

The park starts at the very top of the waterfall. The first thing you notice as you walk onto the bridge is the sound. The rushing water is so loud that you almost have to yell to hear each other. 

There is a fine mist in the air everywhere you go that cools you down and produces beautiful rainbows at each turn.

At times, it looks like rainbows are shooting out of the waterfall, adding a magical element to an already majestic view.

As you walk through the park, the path takes you progressively further from the falls. Each bridge you walk over provides you with an even more expanded view so you gradually see more and more of this beautiful canyon.

The whole family had an amazing experience at St. Anne Canyon. My wife and I loved being in the forest and seeing the beautiful waterfalls. My son enjoyed running across the bridges and climbing on the rocks. We all appreciated the ease of the hike, the friendly and informative staff and the many on-site accommodations.

After the hike, we enjoyed a picnic lunch while the kids played at the playground near the entrance. We were all happy that we decided to get out of the city and go on a new adventure together.


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