Cuban Coffee

Cuban Coffee

A long time ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with an amazing Cuban woman. Every day around four or five o’clock she would get out her moka pot and make Cuban coffee for everybody in the kitchen. She would tell me stories about growing up on a tobacco farm in Cuba where her mother made the same coffee every afternoon for the workers in the fields. I watched her closely and asked many questions and soon I was the one making coffee for the kitchen staff. I have treasured this recipe for years, because of the amazing flavor as well as the wonderful memories and now I would like to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Cuban Coffee




Pilon ground espresso coffee

1/2 cup granulated sugar


Bialetti 9 cup stovetop espresso pot (if you have a smaller or larger espresso pot, this recipe will still work, just adjust the sugar accordingly)


Fill the bottom of the espresso pot with water up to the indicator line.

Fill filter with ground coffee and tap  gently with a spoon so grounds settle. Do not push grounds into filter.

Place filter in base of espresso pot and place on the stovetop.

Make sure the screen and gasket are firmly in place and then screw on the top of the pot snugly, making sure you achieve a good seal.

Turn on the heat to medium high and measure the sugar into a sturdy coffee mug.

When the very first coffee comes out of the spout, quickly pour it into the sugar and return the pot to the stove to finish brewing.

Work the coffee into the sugar with a spoon until it is a thick paste. Add a little more coffee if necessary.

When the coffee has finished brewing, pour a little into the sugar mixture and stir to dissolve. Pour this mixture into the pot (it is ok to have a little left in the mug) and gently stir if necessary to work out any lumps.

The sugar will rise to the top creating a beautiful layer of “crema.”

At this point, it is important to leave the lid of the coffee pot open. If the lid is shut and steam is allowed to gather, it will cause the crema to dissolve into the mixture and disappear.

Pour into demitasse cups (it helps to wiggle the pot slightly as you pour to coax the crema out, especially for the last few cups). Enjoy immediately!

If you prefer your coffee iced, simply combine equal parts Cuban coffee and milk, add ice cubes and enjoy!


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