Beautiful Day On Moosehead Lake

Yesterday I indulged in a rare pleasure. I had a little extra time in the afternoon so I decided to go for a walk on the southwest shore of the island. It was a gorgeous, sunny day here in the North Woods of Maine. Afterward, I felt peaceful and relaxed. I invite you to join me on my walk around Moosehead Lake.

When I returned to the kitchen, there was a beautiful fish waiting for me.

I built a fire and roasted it whole over the hardwood coals.

After dinner was served, I cleaned up and prepared for the short boat ride home. On the way, I enjoyed the spectacular views of The Spencer Mountains, Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Kineo.





  1. Frances Merrill · August 25, 2015



    • fireislandchef · August 25, 2015

      I love it up here! I am excited to go back to Florida soon but I am going to miss Moosehead Lake. I’m already looking forward to next summer!


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