Four days in Quebec, Day 4

Our last day in Quebec was bittersweet. We had such a wonderful time, we didn’t want to leave. My son was especially upset that he wouldn’t be able to see his friend until the fall when we all returned to Florida. They spent the morning picking berries and climbing rocks while we packed up the car and said au revoir to our gracious hosts.

On our way out of town, we took a short drive around Herouxville, stopping to pick up some fresh cheese curds and enjoy the beautiful town we had seen so little of during our stay.
We reluctantly headed south-east, enjoying the pastoral views and beautiful country as we went.

We drove through Quebec City, then St. George, heading towards the Canadian border. We could not resist making one final stop at a fromagerie to enjoy some poutine before we left Quebec.

I ordered two grande portions for the family to share and we are every last bit of it before climbing back in the car and continuing our journey south.

We reached the border just after sunset, relieved to be so close to our home in Maine after a long drive.

After being greeted cheerfully in English and having our passports checked, we crossed quietly back into the United States while the kids slept in the back seat.

We were all happy to be back in Maine after our exciting adventures in Quebec. After driving through Jackman and Rockwood, vigilantly watching the road for moose the whole way, we finally reached our camp. We carried the kids upstairs, collapsed in our beds and quickly fell asleep, grateful to be back in our home once more.


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