Four days in Quebec: Day 1

We were recently very fortunate to receive an invitation to visit some friends in Quebec. We went to Quebec City last year for a few days and loved it so we jumped at the chance.

Where we are in Maine is about an hour from the Canadian border so we all got up early, said au revoir to Moosehead Lake and piled into the van, ready for adventure.

We were ultimately headed someplace none of us had ever been, a small town north of Montreal called Herouxville. It was over five hours driving through beautiful wide open spaces and farmland.


We were all excited when we finally arrived and our hosts greeted us warmly and showed us to our accommodations for the next few days.

After we unpacked and settled in we all took a tour around the property. There were delightful surprises around every corner.

The highlight for everyone was the wild raspberry bushes loaded with ripe berries just waiting to be picked and enjoyed.

We were welcomed before dinner with amazing terrines of wild boar and pheasant along with baked double creme Brie and fresh cheese curds. After our hosts shared a delicious dinner of grilled duck breast, beer can chicken and roasted vegetables, we were all so tired that we fell asleep almost immediately. Maybe it was the long drive, maybe it was the delicious red wine, food and good friends. Either way, it was well worth the trip already.


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