Day off in Rockwood

This morning we woke up to a crisis. Somehow, we had run out of coffee and hadn’t notice until we stumbled out of bed, bleary eyed and in desperate need of caffeine.

We managed to make our way out the door and drove the three miles to the tar (what the locals called a paved road). There are not many options for dining out in Rockwood, Maine. We don’t even have a stoplight in town. Thankfully, we have Maynard’s, a restaurant and cottage rental in the heart of Rockwood. The only other time we had been to Maynard’s was a Saturday night in the middle of the summer a few years ago. We foolishly thought we could just walk in around six o’clock and order dinner. We were informed upon entering that no one had called ahead that night so they were not opening the restaurant or serving any food. That’s the way it goes in a small town.

Fortunately, they were open for breakfast and we were grateful for the hot coffee. The menu was the traditional eggs, sausage, home fries and pancakes that almost every breakfast place has but everything was done perfectly. The staff and other diners were friendly and the view of the water and mountains didn’t hurt a bit.

After breakfast, my son discovered the tire swing outside, along with the badminton net, the slide, the swing set, the ball toss game and the tether ball pole. We all had a fun time playing together before we headed down the road.

We decided to go into Greenville and ended up at the library and then the park for awhile. It seemed everyone in town was out and about in boats, trucks, atvs and seaplanes.

We headed down to Kelly’s Landing and hung out at the beach for awhile, enjoying the magnificent view.

It was getting near time for dinner so we decided to head home. We took one last look at Moosehead Lake and piled into the van.

On our way back to camp, our 12 week old daughter started crying so we pulled off to the side of the road to see what was the matter. While my wife was taking care of her, my son and I headed out to do some exploring.

As luck would have it, we had parked right next to a big wild blueberry patch and we were surrounded by perfectly ripe berries everywhere we looked! I quickly grabbed a bag and we went to work filling it as quickly as we could, snacking on delicious blueberries the entire time.

I could hardly wait to get home and make some Blueberry Muffins. When we got home, everybody pitched in and helped to make the muffins. It was so much fun and they turned out amazing! The perfect end to a day off in Rockwood, Maine.



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