Day off in Bangor

Today we decided to head south to Bangor to visit the Maine Discovery Museum.

On our way into town, we noticed that the Friars’ Bakeshop was open for business. This may not seem like a big deal but they have somewhat unpredictable hours and this is the first time in four years we have actually seen it open. We have always heard great things so we were more than a little excited to get lunch before the museum.

I must say, it was worth the wait. The place is run by real deal Fransiscan monks and the food was delicious. They have a rule against phones and it was refreshing to eat lunch in a room of people who weren’t staring down at their mobile devices. My wife and I both ordered the corn chowder and my son had an amazing blueberry muffin, maybe the best I have ever had but the real treat was the bread that came along with the soup. It was so affordably priced that I felt good about putting a little extra in the donation box.

It is only a short walk to the museum and we arrived in time for a live animal exhibition. My son loved every minute of it. Even though we were interrupted by a fire alarm and spent some time waiting for the building to be cleared by the firemen, the staff were amazing and picked up right where they left off with the animals.

The museum has three floors of exciting, educational fun for kids and even though we go at least once every summer, we never have any trouble filling an entire afternoon. We stayed until they closed at five and loved every minute of it!

After the museum closed, we walked around town and did a little sightseeing.

I couldn’t resist getting a picture of my son with the giant Paul Bunyan statue. I love telling him American folktales at bedtime and Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox are favorites of ours.

He wasn’t so sure about being up that high but the promise of a treat helped him find his courage. He loved seeing the giant statue and kept telling me that Paul Bunyan is the biggest man in the world!

After that we all packed up in the car and started the long ride home to Moosehead Lake, already talking about what adventures might await us the next day.



  1. Frances · July 25, 2015

    Sounds like a great day!


    • fireislandchef · July 25, 2015

      It was a great day! We always have a nice time in Bangor but it’s good to be back home on Moosehead Lake!


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